Actually, it all began with Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery, John McLaughlin, Al di Meola, ie with the jazz guitar. Only gradually 7Ray began to deal with the singing – important influences were George Benson’s “Masquerade” and “On Broadway” as well as all Rat Pack classics from Frank, Dino and Sam.

It was to produce a 50s-style jazz song for 7Ray a commissioned work for the Hollywood film “Passion Play” by Mitch Glanzer. The film, starring Megan Fox and Mickey Rourke in the lead roles (the latter mimics a jazz trumpet player) playing in LA needed a stylish jazz classics but newly composed.

The principle of 7Ray: „Music Is a Special friend of your life..!“

Together with the pianist Erve Schmidt prepared 7Ray the song “I’ve been missing you” on. That was the actual pulse to produce an entire jazz album. All songs came together with the musicians of the former and the world-famous Vienna Art Orchestra. In numerous texts processed 7Ray his impressions and experiences in Los Angeles. It is also noteworthy that about the ‘Music’ from the album “June Gloom in LA” was composed already at the young age of 16 years of 7Ray.

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