Since currently the focus is on the production of their debut album “Delizzie dell ‘Opera,” which will be released in the spring of 2015, no concerts or gala events to be completed at the moment. The album contains the most important operas diamonds in the range of the lyric tenor.

It is an Italian professional corresponding Bell Canto album and comes up with the greatest tenor arias of legendary opera composers, especially Giacomo Puccini, Giuseppe Verdi, Leoncavallo or Donizetti. The album will be recorded with a large 88 piece orchestra in Milan. Conductor Antonello Gotta with his Orchestra e Compagnia d’Opera Italiana Cora brings all the arias emotionally to the point.

It is for the artist 7Ray an honor and a challenge to be able to absorb these arias as the singer:

“It’s a dream come true to be able to record all my favorite arias with such orchestras and in a debut album!”

Production is truly great artistic and technical effort, which requires the highest precision and concentration of all the participating musicians and technicians.

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