With the release of the film California Scheming end of January 2014 and the title track “Everyone knows it” will be released in the U.S.. The film is a thriller – written and directed by Marco Weber – with many aspiring young actors such as Gia Montegna, the daughter of Joe Montegna, known by the Criminal Minds TV series. Among other things, Gia Montegna has already hosted the Grammy Awards.

Likewise, Damon Werkheiser or Spencer Daniels found in the cast of the film. The latter was already along with Brad Pitt in “Benjamin Button” in front of the camera.

Furthermore, the theme song for the movie “Unraveling” with Kiefer Sutherland is prepared. Rotation is scheduled for March 2014.

Some items are already selected for the following 7Ray album. A special track in the 80s-Style: Bizarre. Otherwise, nothing will betray.

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