The 7Ray Royal Opera Club was launched , on the one hand to find supporters Patron technicians who have a heart , the love and appreciation for large orchestral performances and galas and the other, to have the opportunity to work with famous conductors – such as Eduardo Hötzel – gala concerts with full orchestra to realize.

Due to the large number of 88 musicians , Kopiesten , the conductor but also the transportation of musical instruments , with hotel and transportation costs of the cost apparatus often rises in unaffordable heights. That’s why we take Patron antenna , so members of our Royal Opera Club , which provide support in various forms , be it in financial terms, with an annual membership fee , monthly payments or assistance in the form of donations or the like.

Objective of membership should be to get yourself to benefit from special, high – quality classical concerts . Also in the form as an organizer for about galas , Christmas , birthday parties or for an anniversary.

It is calculated as an existing member a reduced-price , cost-reduced Artist -Gage , also members can use as a visitor with invited company members to a special tariff numerous advantages.

Accurate information and the membership form can be downloaded as PDF under downloads.


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